A great deal of emphasis is placed within the company on the development of new or improved products and processes and this plays a key role in its approach to customer support. We also cater cutomer request for customizing a product. All we need is drawing or sample of the product to be customized and we do this very efficiently.

Our manufacturing system is customized to allow exceptional flexibility in handling the varying volume demands that our customers have while maintaining the highest quality standards. The Manufacturing Department works very closely with the Development and Sales Departments to ensure that goods of the right quality are dispatched to the customer as promised, further underlining the company's commitment to customer support.

Quality Standard

  •     We provide excellent quality through our highly expert Team is what we adhere to. We continuously strive to give the best customer service and excellent products.
  •     Our reputation for quality, service and competitive pricing have been primary factors in our continued growth over the years.
  •     To ensure the highest in product quality.

First Priority to Customers Need
We have maintained good client base for more than two decades because we always put our client's satisfaction on top of our list. The aim is to provide customers with reliable systems which meet the required specifications over a long period of time.

After Sales Customer Support...
Full support and services is provided by the Medlec Team of Customer Services personnel whose primary function is to provide a comprehensive advisory service and ensure that the system produces results at the customer's premises.

Marketing Strategy
We provide our New & Improved Product Brochures & all other Marketing Material is distributed to our Partners & our valuable customers during the Conferences, Exhibitions & seminars.